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Welcome to Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tipeshwar Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, nestled in the Pandarkawada region, in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, is a largely unexplored national park offering visitors the opportunity to experience a diverse array of wildlife species.

Spanning across 148.63 square kilometres, the sanctuary derives its name from the nearby 'Goddess Tipai' shrine located in the Tipeshwar village. The sanctuary is home to several villages whose inhabitants rely on the forest for their daily livelihoods.

Tipeshwar is famous for being the home of tigress Avani, a famous tigress on which the Vidya Balan starter movie 'Sherni' is loosely based on

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

A Nature's Symphony

Discover Tipeshwar:

Unveiling a Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary features three entry points: Sunna, Mathai, and Koduri

  • A maximum of 24 Tiger Safaris are allowed per day within the sanctuary

  • Tipeshwar is famous for being the home of Avani, a famous man-eating tigress, on whom the Vidya Balan starrer Sherni is based. Avani was later euthanized as she was a threat to the villagers.

Explore Tipeshwar:

Reasons to Be Here

  • Due to its remote location, the sanctuary remains largely undiscovered by tourists

  • It is a centre for conservation, community empowerment, and ecotourism in Maharashtra

  • Yavatmal is also popular for its food culture, with the area offering unique delicacies such as Namdev rice, Pandarkawada dal and the spicy Saoji dishes

Encounter Tipeshwar:

A Glimpse into the Sanctuary Experience

  • Teak wood covers 60% of the vegetation, while 15% is adorned with Red Sandalwood

  • Bamboo groves, approximately 250 species, thrive alongside Teak-dominated landscapes

  • The resurgence of tiger populations, with 20 tigers currently residing in the sanctuary, make it a must-visit